Protective cover

The solution against rod damage.

Most of the gas springs do not go wrong because they run out and wear, but because of leakage. The sealing surfaces, especially the rod, are damaged and scratched during use, causing pressure loss and the gas spring weakens.

The protective cover is an excellent solution to prevent rod injury.
It is recommended for use in areas where the gas spring is in an open position, and exposed to external mechanical damage or scratching.

  • Protects the rod from damage and contanmination.
  • Permissible operating temperature range for telescopes mounted with protective cover: min.: -30 °C, max.: +80 °C.
  • The protective cover accessory available for several types of gas springs:
Type 06/15 08/18 10/22 10/27 14/28 20/40
Compression gas spring X X X X X  
Traction gas spring X
Flexible blockable gas spring X X
Rigid blockable in extension gas spring X X
Rigid blockable in compression gas spring X X
Damper telescope X X X X X