Safety Lock

It holds, even if the gas spring has been broken.

The gas spring after damage or simple failure, are no longer able to hold the load, and collide under smaller forces. The phenomenon can be a fast and abrupt occurence of physical damage, and during normal wear and tear, it is a long and gradual process.

In applications where this can cause problems or may result in personal injury, it is an excellent solution to use a gas spring with safety lock. After the safety lock is opened, the gas spring is automatically locked, which can only be compressed by pressing the release button continuosly The safety lock also works when the spring has been broken, and the load is retainted. Safety lock is also an excellent solution to prevent rod damage.

  • Protects the rod from damage and contanmination.
  • It automatically locks after opening and can be only be closed after a continuos press.
  • The safety lock accessory available for several types of gas springs:
Type 06/15 08/18 10/22 10/27 14/28 20/40
Compression gas spring   X X X X  
Traction gas spring  
Flexible blockable gas spring    
Rigid blockable in extension gas spring    
Rigid blockable in compression gas spring    
Damper telescope   X X X X