Damper telescope

A special kind of compression gas springs rare ossurrence. It only has a braking function, it does not release force and therefore stops at any position without load.

Size range:

Within the range shown in the table below, we produce damper telescopes, even in individual sizes.
The ends of the gas springs are threaded in principle, but can be chosen from a large variety of end fittings as required.

Type A B C Possible damperings D E
Rod Ø [mm] Cylinder Ø [mm] Stroke [mm] Extension Compression Both direction Basic lenght calculation [mm] Extended lenght calculation [mm]
FBG06 6 15 20 – 300 X X X (C x2) +35 (C x2) +35 +G +H
FBG08 8 18 25 – 400 X X X (C x2) +45 (C x2) +45 +G +H
FBG10 10 22 30 – 500 X X X (C x2) +50 (C x2) +50 +G +H
FBG10/27 10 27 50 – 700 X X X (C x2) +50 (C x2) +50 +G +H
FBG14 14 28 50 – 800 X X X (C x2) +50 (C x2) +50 +G +H
FBG20 20 40 50 – 800 X X (C x2) +75 (C x2) +75 +G +H

The value of G and H are different for each fitting type.

Function and structure:

The damper telescope is a cylinder filled with oil, which is divided by the piston rod into two interlocked internal chambers. When pushed by an external force, the oil in the piston openings causes an overpressure to cause the telescope to brake, over the entire lenght of the stroke.

Parts of dampers:
1, end fitting 2, piston rod 3, guiding element 4, seal 5, piston 6, oil 7, cylinder


Building engineering, furniture , automotive industry and all other places where telescopic power in not needed, but it is important to slow down and brake the structure.


The Fedbaer gas springs can be ordered with the following appearances and materials

Fedbaer Basic series

Standard version, black rod and tube

Fedbaer Silver series

Chrome plated rod, silver metallic tube

Fedbaer Inox series

Stainless steel rod and tube



Accessories for Fedbaer gas springs

End fittings

List of optional fittings

Protective cover

Protect the rod from damage

Safety lock

Locks in open position


Operating temperature

The Fedbar gas springs can be ordered for the following temperature conditions:

Coldproof gas spring

max.: +80 °C
min.: -45 °C

Recommended below -20 °C

max.: +80 °C
min.: -30 °C

Recommended for normal use

max.: +200 °C
min.: -30 °C

Recommended above +80 °C