Frequently asked questions

What is the gas spring?

The gas spring is a spring like machine element, which compression or traction force are granted by the high pressure gas charge inside. More modern, and it’s use more advantageous in some respects than the conventional steel springs. The gas spring are not lose from their force under constant preload, they are not deformate. Their charactheristics are linear, and the change of force are slight compared to the steel springs. Not to be confused with the cars landing gear telescope, the shock absorber.

You can find more detailed description here, per types: (gas springs)

Is it possible to repair, renew or rechagre a gas spring?

No. The most common reason of the malfunction of gas springs, that the piston rod has been damages, and the sealing are wears, so the gas and lubrication inside the cylinder are leak away. The change of the sealings are not possible, so there are no reason to charge the cylinder again, because of the damaged piston rod or sealing the problem will occur again soon.

What size and force range are you producing gas springs?

The standard gas spring dimension are 6, 8, 10, 14, and 20 mm piston rod diameters, within 20-800 mm stroke lenght. The force range is 30N – 5000N.

Do you make traction gas springs?

Yes, we are making traction gas springs also, in several sizes. All sizes in three different series.
You can find more details here: (traction gas springs)

Do you make stainless gas springs?

Yes, we can make all of our types from stainless material also.
You can find more details here: (inox series)

How big is your production capacity?

We have capacity to make many hundreds of thousands of gas springs annually, therefore the thousand scale pollings neither cause problems within normal delivery time.

How long is the delivery time for gas springs?

We can make most of the gas spring types within 10-15 workdays, independently from quantity.
In urgent cases, and based on individual agreement, we are able to deliver within a few workdays. For returning costumers we can make and store the items in advance, depending on pre-order. This way we can make our customers purchasing more plannable, and ensure the security of supply.

How long is the delivery time for furniture mechanisms?

The furniture mechanisms with the matching gas springs are delivered from our stock, in retail volume.

How long is the delivery time for end fittings?

We are keeping significant quantity in stock from end fittings, but because of the various types, stock shortage can occur. Depending on the actual level of completion, the delivery time can be 1-15 workdays.

Can you accept orders for low quantity?

Yes, we can make even one piece from all of our products.

Can you serve private persons?

Yes, without quantity limit.

How much guarantee do you give to your products?

We can give 15 months guarantee for gas springs, and 24 months for furniture mechanisms and the matching gas springs.
You can read guarantee terms here: (guarantee for gas springs) (guarantee for mechanisms)

How do I know, that my gas spring is in the guarantee period?

All of our gas springs has been marked with identify text, what contain the date of manufacturing (week/year, e.g.: 03.2017), this is the starting time of the guarantee period, and also the time of the selling by the manufacturer.

You can find more details here: (guarantee for gas springs)

Product defected withtin guarantee period, what should I do?

Please return the defected product to our site, to investigate the complaint. If the complaint is legitimate, we will replace the product free of charge. (contact us)

Can you replace gas springs made by another company?

Yes, depending on the gas spring item number. If this cannot be identified, we need the sizes, or a sample piece. (offer request page)

I have a defected gas spring, what I’d like to replace. What should I do?

Use the offer request page, where you can chose from more possibilities. (offer request page)

I want to use gas spring, but I don’t know exactly what I need. Can you help me?

Yes, we can recommend telescope and design installation for a particular application. In this case we need dimensions and weight. (design of gas spring units)

What is the offer request page for?

You can quickly and easily signal your interest for any gas spring.

I’d like to order a Fedbaer branded gas spring again, how can I do it the simplest way?

Please contact the customer service, they will going to ask the item number of the product, and the required quantity. Of course, we can manufacture it on individual requirements, in the case of metal material, regardless to quantity. (contact us)

The list does not have the size of the end fitting I need, is it possible to produce it?

Of course, we can manufacture it on individual requirements, in the case of metal material, regardless to quantity.

I’d like to order, what should I do?

If you succefuly chosen or identified the product, please send your order by post, fax, or e-mail. We will send a written confirmation from the receipt of the order and delivery deadline.
Our availabilities: (contact us)

How can I get the ordered product?

The completed goods can be picked up personally at our place during opening hours, or we can send by courier service if requested. The courier service allways delivers the package on working days and working hours. If you would like to know more about the arrival of the package, you have the opportunity to request a prior notice, of what will be recieved by sms on the morning of the delivery day.

How can I pay the purchased product?

You can pay at our place in cash, in case of delivery by courier service by c.o.d. or by pre-payment on demand. Our partners have the opportunity to pay their bills by deferred payment.