I don’t know size, I don’t know gas springs

If you do not have accurate data, or do not know the gas springs, please contact us at our availabilities, and tell us what you want.

If you have a sample piece, you can bring it or send to our customer service, and our colleagueshelp you identify.
If you are sending a sample, please mention the name and contact details inside the package, so that our colleagues can search for it in question. Samples sent, unless otherwise agreed with the sender, are stored for 60 days. If you do not ask for it within the specified time, the sample will be scrapped.

You can find our customer service at the following adress, and send the sample to this address:

RPV Technik Ltd.
28. Szent Erzsébet str., Pilisvörösvár, 2085 Hungary
Opening hours: Mo-Fr: 9:00 AM – 16:00 PM (UTC +01:00).

Phone numbers:
(+36) 26 330 710
(+36) 30 856 8133