Furniture mechanisms with gas springs

Our own – manufactured and developed furniture industry products is characterized by reliability, ergonomics and comfort. Whether is to move door, bed linens or a complete bed, install of the following products to easily and safely use your furniture.

Gas spring mechanisms for wallbeds

The wallbed mechanism allows you to fold up the bed part that contains the mattress, into the cabinet body or closet line next to the wall. This way you can hide the bed, it is not visible in th closed position, and does not occupy the place.

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Gas spring mechanisms for storage beds

The mechanisms can be used to lift up, and keep the bed grid and the mattress open. In this way, you can use the storage capacity of the under-bed area.

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Gas spring kits for doors

The opening sets allows you to conveniently move doors of a certain size and keep them open. There are types suitable for a variety of door sizes and weights, and we can help you with a unique design.

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