Design of gas spring units, installation consultancy

Professional and innovative solutions.

  • You want to use gas spring for your product and equipment, however:You have doubts that your idea is feasible?
  • Don’t know exacly what telescope you want and where to install it?
  • You not sure, that the structure will work according to your expectations?
  • You don’t know about scaling and you have no time/ energy to deal with it?
  • … or would you like to improve the performance or lifetime of the construction currently in use?

Ask our collegues for help!

From simple – to complex

It’s just a hangin door or a loft… or even a complex device moving on multiple fulcrums.
From a single piece of unique mechanism or part of a large scale series machine.

We are at your disposal!

You tell us what you want, we plan the telescope, manufacture it, and deliver it.

Your operating requirements are not necessarily long written in writing, visit our customer service, and consult with our expert colleagues.
If you do not have the timet o visit us, our staff will visit you at a pre-agreed date, where you can also go to an on-site survey. The cost of the departure is borne by the customer.

Based on the recorded data, we draw up the plans and provide an offer to deliver the best product you like. You have on other business than order, install and use.

Contact our customer service.