About us

The RPV Technik Ltd. is a company owned by Hungarian private individuals, which has been developing, manufacturing and trading gas springs and gas spring operated furniture hardware since 2010.

We serve both individuals and companies with our products, without quantity restrictions.

Our gas springs are used by furniture, agriculture, machine, and vehicle industries. We supply these industries on first-class installation and spare parts market, as well as our retail unit serve individual needs. We produce a large amount of our own furniture fittings for double beds, couch, and wallbed which we install with our own gas springs. In addition, we provide various engineering services in the metal industry, from sofware CAD-CAM design to prototyping and equipment.

In all cases, we strive for a close partnership with our costumers, as we belive that we can only meet their needs to the fullest extent, if we have been thoroughly acquainted with them. Good and constant quality of our products , reliable delivery time and competetive prices are important for our costumers.

In our gas springs, the quality is ensured by the manufacturing experince of the past years, the constant final inspection and the production with close-end process.
The competetive price of our products is due to the automated production line in large quantities, in small quantities due to the pre-fabricated parts, only the extra cost of the final assembly increases the price, which is not a heavy burden for the whole product.

In all cases, our delivery deadlines have been tailored to the needs of today’s fast-paced market.
That’s why we deliver our mechanisms directly from the warehouse with the associated gas springs.
Due to the almost infinite variation of the gas springs, it is not possible to maintain a reasonable stock, but there is a substantial stock of usable parts and connectors. As a result, most of the gas springs are made in 2-15 workdays.

In the case of a returning costumer, we manufacture and store the requested quantity free of charge on the basis of pre-order, thus making it possible to plan the purchase of our customer and guarantee the security of delivery.

We store a significant amount of fittings, but there are may be a shortage of inventory due to many variations. Depending on the current manufacturing stage, delivery time is 1-15 working days. In case of returning costumer it is also possible to store on pre-order basis.

Recognizing the importance of sustainable development and its responsibility for the state of the environment, RPV Technik Ltd. is made its primary purpose to contribute the improvemenet of the environment by its environmentally conscious behavior. For this reason, we have decided that we will strive to prevent environmental pollution and rational management of natural resources, taking environmental consideration into and account. To achive this goals, our company reduces the waste generation by using certified recycled and recyclable packaging materials, and pays special attention to the handling and disposal of hazarduos waste. In addition, we strive to apply the latest technlogies in production, and we take care of energy saving in office and social rooms, and we expect our suppliers to behave in an environmentally conscious manner.